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Salt Switch Ice Mango


Salt Switch Ice Mango disposable e cigarettes - apple with ice, volume 2 ml, nicotine strength 20mg / ml, nicotine salt liquid (nic salt).

Disposable nic salt e-cigarettes are suitable for those who want the simplest way to use e-cigarettes - no need to think about filling the liquid, changing the evaporator, charging the battery. Created with the idea of one disposable e-cigarette for one day. There is no need to be afraid of losing, smashing or getting wet. Use is as simple as a pack of cigarettes: forgot at home - buy a new one.

You can get your Salt Switch in our store which is located in Latvia, Riga, Barona street 28.

Salt Switch Ice Mango

  • Is there a charge for the delivery?

    Delivery is free if the amount of the shopping cart exceeds the 20 cans, but if the amount does not exceed this mark, then:

    Smartpost Parcel Machine delivery costs - 3.90€
    Smartpost Courier delivery - 6.50 
    UPS Standart Shipping - 8.00 

  • Where are deliveries made?

    We deliver products to almost all European countries where nicotine pouches are available for purchase.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Delivery times depends on your location. Usually it takes up to 3 days.